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My Business Card in Clients pocket

With SearchTag i feel like my Business Card is in the pocket of all my contacts and their contacts too...
EwaOluwa Eni-Odunjo
Brand Specialist


Clients come looking for you

I like that people can discover me and see my work. But the difference is that client’s are the ones knocking on my door, not the other way around
Mark Sommers

How it Works

Popup when your contacts search for someone they know who offers your service
Create a profile
Sign up with a phone number your contacts are familiar with
Select Profession
Select the service/product you offer and the company you work in
Get Discovered
Get found by thousands of other SearchTag users around the world who are searching for your product/services

Stay Optimized

Get found by new clients all over the world.

Help a friend get found

Refer your friends for great jobs with just a single tap.

Global visibility

Build your network with access to a wide range of professionals around the world who may need your service


Find a contact person in any company through your friend

We believe there’s always a friend who knows a friend that has what you need!






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